Case Study: Kings Norton Heating & Bathrooms

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Kings Norton Heating & Bathrooms are a leading kitchen and bathroom fitting company in Birmingham. They install all the major kitchen and bathroom brands including Howdens, Magnet, B&Q, Wickes just to name a few. In March 2016 I was brought in. This article describes the progress I have made so far. Phase I: Website Redesign and […]


Inbound Marketing for Start Ups – A Useful Guide

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Inbound Marketing for Start Ups is often daunting, from experience I can categorically tell you that the hardest part of running any business is acquiring new customers – especially for small business owners. No matter how easy things look like on paper, they never quite translate into reality. It’s common knowledge that a good starting point […]


5 reasons why you should collect website visitor data

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Collecting website visitor data provides unparalleled opportunities to reach out to your potential target audience. We know that 96% of visitors to your website are never likely return, so if your not gathering visitor data, then expect them to take their business elsewhere. In this article we demonstrate 10 reasons why you should collect website […]


The importance of Internal Linking for SEO success UPDATE

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On the 11th Sept 2014 we published the following article: The importance of internal linking for SEO success where we highlighted a marked decline in the number of inbound links that a website would likely attract (due to fear of Google penalties), and therefore the greater emphasis on the need to have a clear internal linking strategy […]

Case Study - Curry Inn Brewood

Case Study: Inbound Marketing and Data Capture

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In this article I am going to demonstrate just how simple inbound marketing and data capture can be. In March 2015, I was tasked by a very good friend of mine David Peters to  build a very simple website for a small Indian Curry House and Takeaway in Brewood, Staffordshire. David Peters was kindly sponsoring the […]


When beauty websites don’t do what they say on the tin

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The primary focus of any beauty website is to attract, educate and hopefully generate new business leads (and keep existing customers happy). The problem is, most just aren’t beautiful – and I don’t mean from a design perspective. I read a beautiful article recently about how a Google employee often spends time correcting snags and rough […]


How a small beauty salon attracted 60,000 website visitors and 500 new customers in 12-months

Posted · Add Comment are a small beauty clinic based just off Oxford St in London. In just over 12-months I have turned their outdated and truly under performing website into a highly profitable lead and customer generating channel that has attracted over 60,000 visitors and over 500 new customers. In this article I will share some of the secrets […]


How to build a beauty website and content that drives organic traffic

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In this post, I explain the process for building a beauty website and content that drives organic traffic*. As with all content it needs to be user centred so it starts with market and user research; determining keywords that your audience searches for online, identifying the best form of content, frequency, style and format. *Definition: Organic traffic refers to […]


How to build a keyword list

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Whilst the search engine optimisation landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years, the one thing that has remained constant is how to build a keyword list. This article will help you build a list and then refine the words and phrases that you want to rank for. Step 1: List what you know about […]


10 common beauty website mistakes that prevent visitors, leads and new customers coming via your website

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We recently carried out research of 100 beauty websites across Birmingham and surrounding areas. The beauty industry is like most, it relies on a constant stream of new customers and existing customers to operate a profit. Therapists and products are expensive, whilst competition for customers is high. Everyone in the industry fully understands that the internet and […]

Inbound Marketing Basics for Small Business Websites

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Inbound Marketing is the art of grabbing the attention of a customer, by having remarkable content that is easy to find. In this article I demonstrate ways in which a small business can grasp the basics of Inbound Marketing and improve their website by attracting visitors/strangers, generating leads and generating new customers. We begin with the […]

Inbound Marketing is more than just SEO

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Inbound Marketing is more than just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In the past good SEO website designs primarily focused on optimising a website for search engines, Inbound Marketing is all about Customer Optimisation. Gone are the days when you developed content for the purpose of ranking and attracting visitors, nowadays it’s all about turning strangers into customers. SEO has not gone away, […]

Inbound marketing process

Optimising your website to maximise inbound marketing

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Optimising your website to maximise inbound marketing needs careful planning and attention. A thorough understanding of your customers and what experience you want them to encounter online needs to be established. As an Inbound Marketing Agency we strongly urge you to optimise your website is to attract visitors, leads and new customers, this includes having clear and well […]

SEO for Health, Fitness and Beauty websites

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Sourcing new visitors, leads and customers is of significant importance for any business, especially for small health, fitness and beauty websites in Birmingham and London. Having a company website couple with is one of the primary ways organisations now seek to improve their sales, and when done right it can drastically turn the fortunes of any […]

The importance of Internal Linking for SEO success.

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In this article I discuss the importance of internal linking for search engine optimisation success. As we see a marked decline in the number of inbound links that a website attracts (due to fear of Google penalties), this places a greater emphasis on the need to have a clear internal linking strategy and authoritative hubpages. To […]

Has reputation management just got easier?

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A top EU court has just ruled that Google must remove listing of ordinary people if the listings are irrelevant and outdated. The right to be forgotten has come about after a Spanish man complained that a 16 year old auction notice of his repossessed home infringed his privacy. So has reputation management just got […]

Does Google+ help influence website rankings?

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Rank Fishkin founder of Moz has been undertaking some considerable testing on whether Google+ helps influence website rankings. Rand thus far has concluded that there is no evidence that Google+ activity helps to improve a websites search engine rankings. The testing showed a small increase of 3 places, only to return to its original starting […]

Is guest posting okay providing it’s good content?

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There has been much discussion and speculation about guest posting since Google came out and said if guest posting is your strategy for getting links, then you should probably stop. The questions is, is guest posting okay providing it’s good content? The answer to this could be NO! “Guest posting has become spammy” – another […]

FREE Product Photography

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Do you own a website and you would like to improve the imagery of your products featured online? How would you like us to provide you FREE product photography? Professional photographs will help boost your marketing and increase your sales and turnover. For a very limited time only we are offering a days worth of […]

Google begins to penalise poor mobile websites

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Google announced in June that it would start to adjust rankings for websites that failed to provide a user friendly mobile experience. A poor user experience included homepage redirects, unplayable video’s, or when 404 errors were served even though the page existed on the desktop website. Such penalties mean that it is vital that you […]

What is rel=”no follow” and when to use it

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The rel=”no follow” tag was introduced by the major search engines in 2005 to fight spam and allow publishers to prevent outbound links from receiving ‘votes’ in favour of the content. So why would editors want to avoid passing votes? Well if search engines believe that outbound links have been paid, or are in anyway […]

How important is it to have a mobile site?

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Imagine having nearly 60% of visitors land on your website, only to hit the back button. Is that enough of a reason for you to have a mobile site? Or perhaps you need to know that 67% of people are likely to make a purchase if the site is mobile friendly. You cannot ignore mobile […]

SEO for Beginners and Novices

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In this article we discuss SEO for beginners, including on-page and off-page SEO ranking factors. Since way before Google existed, we have always relied on indexes and directories to advertise our products – the BT phone book for business is a classic example of such. Born out of such directories was companies like A1 plumbing, […]

SEO Case Study – The importance of SEO

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It’s rare that I give specifics in a public forum about any of the websites that I build, however the following SEO Case Study clearly demonstrates the importance of SEO and the power of search. contains a new website that was launched at the beginning of April 2013. In just over a month, it […]

Upgrading WordPress Security

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Have you been hit by the Levitra hack? WordPress is a widely used CMS platform, but to ensure you are not a victim of hackers breaching your site to embed hidden code, we advise you to install some additional security plugins. Wordfence and WP Better Security are two very good plugins that alter the core framework […]

Google Penguin 2 Update by David Vidgen

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Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s Webspam team has today announced some changes that are coming into play with the launch of Google Penguin 2 update this summer (as early as May). The message was consistently clear from Matt, Google’s advice is for webmasters to produce great sites that have excellent content. Matt specifically mentioned bookmarking and repeat […]

70 million reasons to use WordPress

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As of Dec 2012 there is a staggering 70 million WordPress-powered websites. It powers some of the worlds biggest brands and celebrity blogs/websites, including Sylvester Stallone, Paris Hilton and Linkedin – proving it to be the leading Content Management System (CMS) on the market. That’s why we use it! It has over 17,00 plugins available, so […]

Press Release : Free SEO friendly websites

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A Birmingham web design and SEO agency is helping small companies beat the recession by offering free SEO friendly websites. is offering small and medium sized businesses a free SEO friendly professional website when you subscribe to their link building services for just 3 months. United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland […]

Google Panda Update

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Google has undertaken its 23rd Panda update since the algorithm was introduced in Feb 2012, affecting 1.3% of all user queries. The update will come as a shock for many just before Christmas, but signals Google’s determination to ensure that it delivers quality search engine results pages. Earlier in the week some of our clients […]

Google+ and Google Authorship Markup

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If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to create a Google+ account and ensure that your website and blog have the appropriate Google Authorship Markup. Google+ is their own Social Network hub designed to share as you would in real life. Check out Circles, Events and Hangouts… For a business, it will become a vital […]

Link Bait Strategies or Just Good Content?

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Link bait is a term widely used in the SEO industry. For me, link bait is just a fancy word for describing great content; if you develop great content, it will attract links.  But will it attract the right kind of links? Well this depends on the content. If you develop a funny youtube video, the vast […]

Beginners Guide to SEO

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Building an online brand and developing an internet site that is profitable, can be achieved with the right guidance and expertise. The main objective of any website should be to help a business flourish, communicate any desired messages, and most importantly ultimately aid in the profitability of the company either through direct online sales or by providing […]

Link Building Strategy – Some Useful Methods

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Inbound links combined with on-page SEO are the most important ranking factors for the SERPS. Links are also vital if you are to increase traffic to your website. Here are some very useful methods to assist your link building: To attract links of any sort, content is key. Make sure your content is unique and […]

Linking Overview by David Vidgen

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Search engines use links to determine the order they list sites in their search engine results pages (SERPS). They also use links to discover new webpages and sites. Without inbound links, a website is unlikely to appear top of the SERPS for any competitive keyphrase or words. Thus links are (along with on-page factors) the […]


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