There’s one reason why you should have a mobile friendly website, mobile phones are now the primary device that your customers use to navigate the internet. We reported back in Nov 2013 that Google had begun to penalise websites that failed to provide a positive user experience and as such were filtering it’s search engine results pages. All of our clients receive over 50% of traffic from mobile devices, and it’s as much as 80% for our hair and beauty salon websites.

In order to attract visitors, leads and new customers, one of the primary ways to do this is to ensure that the information is in the right format and at the right time. If a potential customer is navigating the internet and is looking to make a purchase, they are less likely to do this on a website that doesn’t display correctly on a mobile browser. The same applies for tablet devices and in some cases with a desktop.

Google along with many other providers will tell you if your website is mobile friendly. You can click here, to access Google and perform a test of your own website.

Because we believe the primary aim of any website is to attract new customers. We can only do this via the use of mobile friendly websites. We need webpages that are responsive and display accordingly depending on the screen size and resolution. We have passed the point of no return when it comes to the desktop. It’s had its day, welcome to the new world of smart phones and tablets. Welcome to a new world of consumer… In January 2016, John Lewis reported that over 40% of all their transactions were carried out online. This demonstrate the importance of having a mobile friendly website.

So why choose us? Well, we’ve been working in internet marketing for well over 15 years. In this time we have built professional websites that attract and convert customers. Customers whom use search engines such as Google, and customers who now use smart phones and tablets. We primarily focus (but not exclusively) on helping businesses in the health, beauty, photography and the construction sectors. This is because we have vast knowledge of these sectors when it comes to their customers, needs, wants and problems etc. This helps us to be able to contribute and recommend particular content to our clients that we know works well at attracting and converting website visitors.