Protecting one’s own name, whether it’s your personal identity or perhaps your organisations is of high importance. If it’s taken years to establish a strong online reputation and this is being threatened, then SEO for Reputation Management can be applied.

If you search for your brand name in search engines such as Google and high up the search results is a listing that is critical of you or your organisation then SEO for Reputation Management is a method for neutralizing negative listings. The purpose of SEO for Reputation Management is to occupy listings particularly on page 1 and pushing those negative listings lower and then off the page. This can be accomplished by using blogs, social media, your own sites and subdomains.

When to Employ

If you are trying to protect your brand name from negative search listings (especially on page 1) SEO for Reputation Management will do this by pushing down critical listings – further down the search results.

Keyword of Phrase Targeting

SEO for Reputation Management will target particular keywords or keyphrases.

Content Optimisation

Normally SEO focuses on one particular website/page. SEO for Reputation Management requires optimising pages across many domains to demote negative listings. This involves working with many diverse websites that you own or control – if you don’t own several sites then we will seek to mobilise positive listings through our advance network of websites.