Do you want your website to bring you new customers? We offer the best SEO website designs in Birmingham using the WordPress framework. We believe that all websites should incorporate Inbound Marketing and on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as standard. During the build we work extensively with clients to understand their customers, so we can then identify and assign quality keyphrases; ensuring that important SEO HTML tags are assigned; Search Engine Indexing Limits are maintained; we also have a unique way of building inbound links that stand the test of time and any algorithm updates from websites with good domain authority that are completely in your control.

Another major advantage of using David Vidgen Ltd, if you need images for your website, these can easily be shot – often at no extra charge. Meaning that your website will have professional images that showcase your products and services.

We specialise (but not limited to) three key markets: Hair and Beauty Website Designs, Builders and Construction Websites and Photographers and Artists Websites.

With our SEO Website Designs service we ensure that not only do you have a good mobile friendly website, but you are visible in Google and other search engines with excellent rankings, this is part of our inbound marketing services and includes:

  1. HTML text format – search engines can easily analyse html text rather than flash and images.
  2. XML Sitemaps – all of our client sites include XML sitemaps that are in the root directory of the domain. Plus, when updates to their sites are administered, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are automatically updated.
  3. Flat Site Architecture – we make sure that sites are well organised and intelligently linked, ensuring that users have a positive browsing experience.
  4. Categories – all of our sites have appropriate categorisation, thus ensuring semantic relationship and topical relevance.
  5. SEO Friendly URLs – we make sure URLs are descriptive, short, static, keyword rich and in lower case.
  6. Broad and Exact Match Keyword – every page focuses on no more than two competitive keyphrases, avoid keyword cannibalisation and keyword stuffing.
  7. Title Tags – title tags are the only ‘meta’ data that influences relevancy and rankings. We ensure that titles are keyword rich, appropriate proximity, 65 characters or less, long tail optimised and if appropriate contain dividers.
  8. Meta Descriptions – although meta descriptions do not influence rankings, they are vital for SERPS. We always make sure that every page description is unique, accurately describes the page content and if necessary include targeted keywords.
  9. H1 – H3 tags –  header tags do help influence rankings slightly, so we ensure that pages have H1 – H3 tags with keywords included.
  10. Google Authorship Markup – we ensure that your site has the correct mark-up to ensure Google authorship is achieved. This has some benefits for search engine rankings.
  11. Internal Linkinginternal linking is important for SEO success

Because we are an Inbound Marketing Agency, we understand that Inbound Marketing is more than just SEO. We will also make sure that your website features:

  1. High Quality Content – we will work with you to develop content specific for each stage of the buyers journey.
  2. Call to Action Buttons – where appropriate, your content will feature specific call to action buttons, designed to turn strangers into leads and leads into customers.
  3. High Quality Landing Pages – designed to capture data information, so you can send useful emails that build trust and helps leads become customers.
  4. Social Media – we’ll help you develop various social media marketing channels, so you can communicate to potential customers

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What does a typical SEO Website Design Project contain?

Customer and Keyword Research All projects require appropriate ‘market’ and ‘keyword research’. Extensive market research is undertaken using Google Analytics and to determine which queries customers use on Google and their competitiveness. Once this has been completed, a priority list of 10-16 keyphrases are determined. Remaining keywords can then be utilised at a later stage within a blog.

On-page SEO Your website is designed to your particular needs and desires. The website is scoped out and a draft hierarchical sitemap is formed. Pages are then built and priority keyphrases can then be assigned. Typically the site infrastructure would include pages containing your products or services; contact us; blog; social media contacts, plus any other page requirements.

Social Media Facebook, Twitter and Google+ now play a significant factor when it comes to search engine rankings. Google+ in particular, is Googles own social media hub and this needs to be developed along with Google Business (formerly Google Places). We can if required ensure that all social media pages are developed in-line with the theme and branding of your new website.

Grab yourself the best SEO Website Designs in Birmingham for just £500, this includes:

  • All of the above
  • All updates for the first 12-months

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Additional costs

  • Domain name if required. A .com or domain typically costs £20 bi-annually.
  • Hosting – all websites require web hosting. This costs between £75 – £160 per annum.
  • Ecommerce sites (those that sell products online) are subject to a monthly fee of £30. This replaces the annual hosting fee.