David Vidgen is a ‘Search’ Professional and Inbound Director at David Vidgen Ltd, a Inbound Marketing Agency in Birmingham. I help small businesses in the health, beauty, photography and construction industry in Birmingham and across the UK with their inbound marketing, mobile friendly websites and search engine optimisation strategies.

Are you are looking to attract visitors, leads and new customers? Perhaps you want to build a client list so that you can regularly reach out to them and promote your services. Nearly all of my clients have no expertise or understanding of websites and inbound marketing, in fact they don’t actually care how it works. All they want is for me to work my magic and bring them more customers and increased revenue and that’s exactly what I do.

I am absolutely committed to bringing new prospects and customers to your website, from an audience of people who perhaps may not have otherwise been interested or aware of your website. I have particular expertise in website designs that are optimised for customers and search engines including beauty salon website designs, websites for photographers and websites for the construction industry.

I work alone; that way you benefit from my full expertise, rather than having a so-called ‘specialist team’ working in the background. I come from a very specialist marketing background, have been using the Net for the last 19 years and I am an avid fan of the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology; I bring a unique blend of expert internet and specialist marketing skills including reciprocal marketing to my clients. I am online everyday, year-round, doing campaigns and studying business relationships, citation, link authority and of course building mobile and search responsive websites.