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What's the purpose of Inbound Marketing and SEO?

Inbound Marketing will help you attract visitors, leads and new customers to your website. LEARN MORE

How a £500 new website generated £40k in online sales

Our inbound marketing solutions will bring you new visitors, leads and customers. EXPLORE OUR CASE STUDY

Why you cannot avoid mobile & tablet devices

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What our clients say...

We have some of the happiest customers in the industry...

"Having David design my new website was one of the best business decisions that I have taken. He produced a website which has shown a great return on the money invested into it."


"David Vidgen Ltd have transformed our business. We cannot thank David enough for his excellent service, hardwork and continuous commitment to driving our business forward."


"Thanks to David Vidgen Ltd, we now have a website that not only looks great, but has added thousands to our bottom line. 5* Highly recommended."


"David Vidgen has built me a wonderful clean and fresh website that truly showcases my work, has brought new clients and has added value to my business."


My Inbound Marketing Services

Innovative Website Designs

I use some of the most advanced web building software that enables me to build websites quickly and efficiently using drag and drop technology. Learn about our SEO website designs.

Built to bring new customers

I don't just build great looking websites. I incorporate SEO and inbound marketing so your website is designed to attract and convert new customers on the web. Learn more about Search Engine Optimisation.

Designed for customers

Over 60% of internet users now use their mobile and tablet device for browsing. I make sure that your website is user friendly and provides a positive experience. Learn about how we develop content for websites.

Inbound Marketing will improve your search visibility through multiple mediums including websites, social media and content development.

As a seo expert providing Inbound Marketing Services my primary focus is to ensure that your website attracts visitors, leads and new customers. I do this by developing mobile, tablet and SEO friendly websites and I work with you to develop great content that assists users. I use sophisticated drag and drop technology that enables me to build websites quickly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost that most agencies would charge - ideal for small businesses. All of my SEO website designs in Birmingham come with 12-months unlimited support and updates, so you have complete piece of mind. What's more I continually work with you to ensure that your online presence is managed and your company has a positive online reputation.

We have particular expertise in the health, beauty, fitness, construction and photography markets - having built many successful hair and beauty website designs and websites for photographers.

More reasons why you should my Inbound Marketing Services

eCommerce Ready

Do you want your website to sell products or services? Perhaps you want an online store. All of my websites are eCommerce ready.

Email Marketing

By offering discount codes and promotions on your website will enable you to build a database of potential customers.

12 Month Support

Your website comes with 1 year free support. Giving you complete peace of mind that there are no additional charges for updates, amendments and new additions.

Website Optimised

As an SEO expert, I make sure your website is not only optimised for search engines, but also for users. More specifically, users that will become customers.

Likes, Shares and Mentions

Your website will be designed with social and local media in mind to encourage social interaction, likes, shares and mentions.

Photography Included

Are you short of great quality images for your site? No problem, I'll shoot all the images needed to ensure our website look professional and stands out from the crowd.

Online Reputation

Your online reputation is very important. We monitor your brand, ensuring that any negative reviews or webpages are neutralised.

Inbound Marketing

We identify third party websites that can drive new visitors, leads and customers to your website.

Blog Included

We encourage all our clients to utilise a blog on their website. This helps to add regular content that will also help drive visitors, leads and customers.

The David Vidgen Approach

David Vidgen Ltd – ‘Search’ Professional and Inbound Marketing Agency. I help small businesses in Birmingham and London with their inbound marketing and web strategies. I am absolutely committed to bringing new prospects and customers to your websites, from an audience of people who perhaps may not have otherwise been interested or aware of your site. My practices are acceptable to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

I work alone; that way you benefit from my full expertise, rather than having a so-called ‘specialist team’ working in the background. I come from a very specialist marketing digital background and have been using the Net since 56kb dial-up begun; I bring a unique blend of expert internet and specialist marketing skills to my clients. I am online everyday, year-round, doing campaigns and studying link relationships, citation, link authority and of course building mobile and search friendly websites.