THE CHALLENGE: In April 2013 we set ourselves the challenge of being involved with a new weight loss product. This product was entering an extremely competitive weight loss and slimming shake market. As of March 2014 the website has attracted over 50,000 visitors via organic search and generated over £40K of sales.

In Oct 2014, according to Google, we now have over 300 keywords and phrases ranking in positions 1-10. This drives an enormous amount of monthly organic traffic to the website. On average each user spends 1 min 27 secs online, so our content is capturing the audience’s attention and is proving successful. Much of this is down to developing a really good buyer persona and creating content around our target market. We have developed content that reaches out to those in the awareness, consideration and decision making stages of the buyers journey. More on what this means and content can be found in our article Inbound Marketing Basics for Small Business.

This data highlights the importance of having a SEO website design