Is your website failing to attracting customers? Or perhaps a well known Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird has caused your website to vanish of Google. Whatever the reason, as a Inbound Marketing Agency in Birmingham we can provide you inbound marketing services including search engine optimisation, SEO website designs and content management that is developed to turn strangers into customers via organic search. Your project will include:

  1. Extensive market and keyword research that enables us to establish how your customers use search engines.
  2. Excellent content that is designed to persuade and influence visitors, turning them into leads and customers.
  3. Working with you to develop email campaigns that are designed to convert leads into customers.
  4. Forging mutually beneficial partnerships with other organisations that result in stealth links (links that are undetected by search engines, but bring carefully selected high quality leads and customers to your door).
  5. Enhancing your online reputation and raise the profile of your organisation on the internet.
  6. Continuous monitoring of your keyword rankings,  backlink profile and online reputation.

Please check out some of our inbound marketing and SEO case studies, and our Live SEO and Inbound Marketing case study.

Once we have established the right content at the right time, we’ll then influence others to mention and share your content. Here’s a little sneak of some of the 20 link building strategies I use to attract new customers to your website

Although your website will be search engine friendly, to solely rely on Google to bring traffic could be a dangerous strategy. It takes just a flick of the algorithm switch and before you know it, you’ve gone from ranking top 3 to outside the top 100. As an inbound marketing expert, I also build Stealth links – these are links that no algorithm update will impact on this linking strategy, yet they bring high value customers to your door.

Inbound marketing is a highly skilled process and requires considerable attention to detail.

“Have the wrong kind of content and your visitors will hit the back button. Source the wrong kind of links and from low quality domains, then this will fail to bring leads or customers; it will end up doing far more harm than good to your online reputation.”

I go about seeking links that will bring high quality leads that convert to customers; and perhaps improve your website rankings. If you are seeking links purely for ranking purposes, whilst this may bring short terms rewards, long-term this is a very dangerous strategy because Google could devalue such links.

“If a link does not bring traffic, leads and customers, then don’t bother.”

When I implement an inbound marketing strategy, I seek to only:

  1. Source links from other trusted and highly relevant websites (when I say trusted, I mean trusted by Google) with the aim of bringing leads and customers to your door
  2. Source links from carefully selected and highly specific blogs and forums that aim to bring leads and customers to your door
  3. Sourcing links from highly specific directories (not broad directories, as these will damage your rankings) that bring leads and customers to your door
  4. Ensure that any links contain MDK anchor text to ensure your website is appropriately indexed and rewarded by search engines
  5. Source stealth links – links that are undetected by search engines, but bring excellent quality leads and customers.

It requires good old fashioned hard work and manual investigation to find the best link opportunities out there for your company. Google will tell you where to get the best links, if you know how to ask for them; that’s what I am exceptionally good at.

I also use public relations and content syndication. The use of PR is to influence others, particularly those in your business space and neighbourhood (both customers and businesses) to assist the search engine results pages and bring leads and customers. We also use content syndication, where high quality articles (that are of significant interest to web users) are published on carefully selected domains or other digital media, in return for a link back to your own site. Website editors cry out for content, and if you are able to produce excellent content, they will welcome your guest authoring.

“The purpose of content syndication is not only to build links that help improve your rankings in the SERPs, but most importantly drive potential customers to your site.”

Content syndication is an acceptable inbound marketing strategy in the eyes of the search engines because you will only receive a link to your site and drive traffic to your site, if you produce articles that is of value to the host users.

Where websites are concerned, the quality and relevancy of links to a website are what determine the search engine results pages (SERPs). A website without such inbound links will not appear on page 1 of Google or any other search engines for any competitive keyword, thus Inbound Marketing and SEO is absolutely essential. I offer bespoke SEO services that include me personally identifying the best targets, requesting the links and ensuring that your content is syndicated. I know what it takes to get PR coverage and links in the right places from the right people, that’s why you hire me.

My inbound marketing services are extremely affordable, and very flexible, allowing even the smallest Birmingham or London based businesses to reach out to a new stream of customers.

I like to work with small and medium sized businesses, as long as they have genuine content that is merit worthy. I’m very hands on and do this on nearly all days of the week. I do not contract my work out, I carry out and execute the contract myself. I identify the best and fruitful websites and I personally request the links. That’s why people hire me;  I know what i’m doing.