How we understand your customers using analytics

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We believe the only real way to gain a full understanding of your customers and to grow your business is to gain an understanding of your customers through analytics. This is a very specialist set of skills, that few web design companies have. We don’t design for aesthetics, we design for functional and profitability.

In this article, I am going to share some of the ways in which we grow your online business.

  • We use Google Web Analytics to track your visitors and where they came from. 

Google web analytics

Source: Google Analytics

Google web analytics gives as an understanding of where your visitors came from and which links they clicked when on your website. This data is very important because it shows the path your visitors took online. It will help us identify important pages, and which ones should have our most attention. In terms of conversions, we want to work with pages that get good amounts of traffic and turn them into leads and customers.

  • We use visitor Video Recordings 

Visitor Video recordings are really useful at helping us see webpages through our visitors eyes, keystrokes and mouse movements. Watching browser sessions is a great way to learn just how visitors interact with your site, where they click, how long they spend on pages, how they scroll etc. The software we use captures real visitor sessions – and we can play back recordings time and time again to identify all sorts of visitor behaviour.


In this example you can see the visitor was viewing the website on a Apple Mobile device. The recording lasted 5 mins 13 secs. The little red dots are where they are touching the screen, clicking links and navigating to other pages on the website (this is also recorded).

Video recordings allow us to watch real life recordings of a visitors browsing session, how they interact with your website, scrolling, clicking and at what point they leave your website. It also tells us which browser they were using and screen size.

  • We use Heat Map Software

How we see your website is often very different from your visitors. Heat mapping is a way for us to identify which links your visitors are clicking, it also helps us to identify others areas on pages where visitors are clicking, even when it is not a link. If visitors are repeatedly clicking on sections of a page that does not contain a link, then perhaps we need to turn in into a link. This is particularly useful for photo’s and illustrations. Heat mapping is also very useful at identifying which parts of a page get the most attention.

Often we may place several links on a page that may lead to the same page. Heat maps will helps us identify which links get the most attention, this is useful for A/B test splits. Another benefit of using heat map technology is that is also demonstrates how visitors scroll through pages. We call this scroll mapping. This is very useful to help us identify which parts of a page gets most attention, and to help us identify if there are others issues, such as does the page have a false bottom or is it just the came that the visitors isn’t persuaded to scroll. Heat maps are very useful when trying to identify the unexpected.

heat mapping

The software we use shows us exactly where visitors clicked, even if it wasn’t a link.

What you should do now

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