Case Study: Kings Norton Heating & Bathrooms

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Kings Norton Heating & Bathrooms are a leading kitchen and bathroom fitting company in Birmingham. They install all the major kitchen and bathroom brands including Howdens, Magnet, B&Q, Wickes just to name a few.

In March 2016 I was brought in.

This article describes the progress I have made so far.

Phase I: Website Redesign and Web Architecture Research

With any website redesign, I have to carefully analyse the current situation (bullet point list in no particular order).

  • I determined the number of pages in the Google index by using the query You can do this for your own website by simply adding site: before your domain. It’s not a requirement to include the www.
  • Analysed Google analytics data to identify most visited pages and user flow and to see which parts of the conversion funnel offered the biggest—and fastest—opportunities for growth.
  • Revisited keyword data to see if there were better performing queries and phrases that would be more suited to the business goals.
  • I met with the business owner to determine their primary goals and objectives for the website.
  • Analysed the current inbound links situation to see if any websites needed to be updated with the new URLs. This included a review of the local search position.
  • I designed a survey to understand Kings Norton Heating & Bathrooms customers—and its non-converting visitors.

Phase II: Landing page optimisation increased leads by 600%

Next, I designed the website and landing pages. Most inbound agencies normally skip straight to this phase, because they like to base their their designs on guesswork and so-called “best practices”—and then they get disheartened when their changes come to no effect. My experience has shown that the biggest gains tend to be based on insights that I sourced from phase I. Here’s the new landing page I designed. It beat the original version for conversions by 2000%

Since the redesign, we’ve doubled the number of clients and taken their advanced waiting list from 3 months to 7 months. In 2015, the entire old site only generated 20 leads in the whole year! Just 17 months into the website redesign and we’re currently at 251 high quality leads from visitors who want their bathroom redesigned. That’s cost them just £2.49 per lead and reducing day by day.

New Improved Website 2023

Here are a number of reasons why the new challenger landing page improved conversions:

  1. We made it very clear what the page was about. 1st paragraph, we are a team of bathroom fitters, kitchen planners and installers based in Kings Norton. All to often, websites fail to tell their audience exactly what they do.
  2. We gave the page a logical order of flow. Who we are, what we do, links to our reviews, links to our latest work and then we told people what they should do next… Get in touch. This latter statement is where most business websites fail, because they don’t tell the audience what to do next. They assume they will get in touch, when in reality they just freely click around the site and then leave.
  3. We included a 12-month guarantee and 100% satisfaction claim. These are what we call trust elements, and they really help with website conversions.
  4. Reviews and 5 star badges. Notice how we encourage visitors to checkout our reviews. We want them to actively read them because we know that positive reviews are a real step towards website conversions. Having a review link in the main navigation is one thing. Actively telling people to read the reviews is a lot more encouraging. We even display reviews on the page, so they don’t have to click.
  5. We made use of recognisable brands and logo’s to borrow credibility. Your website visitors have probably never heard of your company, but will have heard of other organisations or websites. If you feature on them (if you don’t then work out how you can) make sure you make a point of highlighting this to your audience, because it’s what we call borrowing credibility. Of course, only include details of trusted brands.
  6. Call to actions. Again we tell the audience what to do next and we do this throughout the website. Either give us a call or complete the form. Notice how even on the form, we continue to sell the benefits of getting in touch. Never stop selling, right up to the point where a visitor selects ‘Send Enquiry’.
  7. We made use of bold font to emphasise key points. One of the most challenging points about websites if that visitors don’t read pages in their entirety they browse, or more accurately ‘skim’ pages. It’s good to make sure that key points stand out from the page in bold font.
  8. Lastly, just in case they are not ready to make an enquiry, we encourage them to download our free resources. This is about data collection, so we can continue to market the business to them. Again, so many small businesses fail to do this. The vast majority of visitors to a website are not ready to make a purchase because they are in the ‘gathering information’ stage. By including free resources, this enables us to capture visitor data so that we can begin to establish a relationship with the visitor and help them with their decision making process.

Website Address: Bathroom and Kitchen Design and Installations in Birmingham UK by Kings Norton Heating and Bathrooms

What you should do now

If you are serious about having a great website, you should read my blog, it’s packed with ideas and suggestions to help improve your site.

If you’d like me to dramatically improve your website and bring you new customers, visit my website design in Birmingham for small businesses page and then contact me for more information.

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