Case Study: Inbound Marketing and Data Capture

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In this article I am going to demonstrate just how simple inbound marketing and data capture can be.

In March 2015, I was tasked by a very good friend of mine David Peters to  build a very simple website for a small Indian Curry House and Takeaway in Brewood, Staffordshire. David Peters was kindly sponsoring the website, so perhaps unsurprising this is David’s local curry house.

The aim was to build a very simple mobile and responsive website that reached out to new and existing customers. It needed to be search and customer friendly, not only encouraging individuals who fancied a Takeaway or Dining In Meal, but also act as a portal for existing customers.

As an inbound marketing agency in Birmingham, we didn’t stop here. The owner wanted to list both the dining in and takeaway menu’s online, with a small discount for takeaway. Whilst web designers would simply place the files on a page for download, we knew that these files could leverage data collection. A staggering 96% of website visitors leave a website only to never return. Collecting data is paramount for ongoing marketing and persuading visitors to become leads and customers. In fact, data for any business owner is just as good as money, especially if you know how to leverage and convert website strangers into customers.

Since we launched the Curry Inn Brewood website just under 3 months ago and sought to persuade visitors to download the menus in exchange for parting with their name and email address, we have gathered over 200 names and email addresses. We’re on target to gather approx 800 names and email addresses over a 12 month period. That’s a lot of data just for a small Curry House in a village in Staffordshire. In fact Brewood and Coven only have a combined population of 7500 made up of four separate villages and hamlets. To think that they could have 11% of the populations names and email addresses, bodes very well for the future.

What this data does, is puts the owner in a position whereby if business took a turn for the worse, or they want to plan ahead, they have the ability to reach out to customers and persuade them to buy. This kind of data us very useful for communicating just special offers, but it’s also really great for putting out communications relating to seasonal and occasional celebrations such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and when they update their menu’s.

What I hope you take from this case study, is that if you have a tangible document, video or other material that can be used for leverage in exchange for the name and email address of your website visitors, you put yourself in a very strong position to be able to drive your business forward.

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