How do I create persuasive landing pages that generate leads?

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The most important aspect of any landing page is to generate leads and drive conversions. Few strangers who visit your website first time around are prepared to make a purchase, so it’s vital that we provide some form of benefit that persuades an individual to part with their valuable personal data. Such benefits could be Special Offers, or content that plugs a knowledge gap. Landing pages are specific pages on your website that have been designed to gather client information such as a name, email address etc.

Persuasive Pages that Plug the Knowledge Gap

One of the most successful ways to gather an audience is to introduce a knowledge gap, one that grabs at their curiosity and gives them a glimpse of how to fill it. It’s a completely natural process to want to improve our knowledge and learn about things so any offer that helps me plug my knowledge gap is persuasive.

Here’s an example of landing page that plugs a knowledge gap:


Landing Pages that ‘Make Individual’s Feel Exclusive’ – “Because you’re Worth It”

L’oreal has been using this technique and strapline for some years. We all want to feel important and we love it when others make us feel exclusive. Give me a landing page that refers to me as an SEO expert, and you’ll stand a greater chance of signing me up. The same applies for most industries and professions – I don’t know any HR employee who doesn’t like to refer to themselves as ‘HR professionals’.

Here’s a few headlines that reach out to various groups and individuals:

  • You deserve to be healthier – a headline for weight loss. Who doesn’t want to be healthier?
  • Exclusive offers just for you – we all want exclusive offers, especially when we fall on hard times.
  • Book a massage today because you deserve it – a headline for a London beauty salon. Who doesn’t feel they deserve a massage?

Landing Pages that Create Urgency

This technique has been around for as long as there’s been marketing. ‘Act Now Fast’, ‘Limited Offers’ and ‘Call Now’ are all tactical examples of encouraging individuals to make an urgent or speedy transaction. This technique is best used when there is a genuine exchange of services or products. Nobody will ‘Act Fast Now’ or ‘Call Now’ if the exchange is not worth it. Introduce a 30-day trial, free samples and other valued incentives, then this technique will absolutely work.

Landing Pages that are ‘Specific and to The Point’

If you can be succinct and precise, this is absolutely priceless. Take Dropbox and ‘Your stuff, anywhere’. This is so quick and precise, there could hardly be a better example on the web.

So I can have my stuff anywhere?

I’m in…

Needless to say I have Dropbox.



Here’s another example we found on Hubspot with their Sidekick Chrome Extension. A little longer, but again very precise.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 13.35.58

So Sidekick can tell me who opens my emails, clicks on links in my emails, where, when and on what device. And they also offer a FREE version.

Again, i’m in…

Align Button Text with Offer

The button text is just as important as your offering because it is a critical point in the conversion and buyers journey. If you align the button text with your offer, this can drastically improve the click through rate. Here is an example taken from – one of my clients.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 13.53.01


So not only is the call to action (CTA) precise, the button text is aligned with the offering.


  1. Plug the knowledge gap
  2. Make the reader feel exclusive
  3. Create urgency
  4. Be specific
  5. Align button text with offer.

What you should do now

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