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Sourcing new visitors, leads and customers is of significant importance for any business, especially for small health, fitness and beauty websites in Birmingham and London. Having a company website couple with is one of the primary ways organisations now seek to improve their sales, and when done right it can drastically turn the fortunes of any business around. SEO should be an integral part of any website build, however our recent research into a section of health and beauty website designs indicated that SEO is still widely misunderstood and in most cases absent from websites.

Having a professional looking website still appears to be the number one factor when constructing a site. We found many companies that had ‘good looking’ sites but when we examined them, some of the basic inbound marketing and SEO ranking factors such as the title tags were less than optimised.

One on the websites we examined (and shall remain nameless) when we conducted a Google search using the site: command we found they only had 10 pages in the Google index; three pages still had the standard WordPress titles such as ‘Hello World’  and ‘Just Another WordPress Site’. Two of the pages were titled with the name of the company that built the website, so less than helpful to their target audience. When we examined the website from the web.archive we found that the site had been like this for many years, so it wasn’t the case that a website redesign was in progress.


mobile and tablet resultsIt’s vital that any website that seeks to attract new visitors, leads and customers from search engines and that they have SEO and conversion strategies implemented throughout the website design. One of the best ways to examine the current content of your website is to simply use the This will inform you exactly which pages of your website are in the Google index, plus it will display the title tags and meta descriptions for each page. Please refer to our SEO for beginners guide for an explanation on the basics of SEO and ranking and how each title and meta description should be written.

Our research also discovered that 90% of websites were not mobile and tablet friendly. When we compare this data to a client of ours who does have a mobile and tablet friendly website,  we can see that 63% of their traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices and an average of 2 pages per visit. If you don’t have a mobile and tablet friendly website, then it’s a given certain that many of your visitors will simply hit the back button and go elsewhere for their services.

Missing an SEO trick

With a business such as health & beauty, it’s very easy to add content to the page. With the vast number of different services and treatments available (waxing, facials, massage etc), there is no excuse to build 100+ pages and blog posts, each focusing on a different competitive keyphrases and designed to bring traffic, leads and customers to the website. You can build hubpages and then add further pages that focus on internal linking for SEO success.

We also found that one website had just 3 pages in the Google index. Clearly that website has not been optimised and will not be providing a return on investment (ROI).

It is our belief that all websites should be built to engage with customers, with the right content aimed at the right audience your health & beauty website can provide a healthy ROI.

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