The importance of Internal Linking for SEO success UPDATE

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On the 11th Sept 2014 we published the following article: The importance of internal linking for SEO success where we highlighted a marked decline in the number of inbound links that a website would likely attract (due to fear of Google penalties), and therefore the greater emphasis on the need to have a clear internal linking strategy and authoritative hub pages. We specifically talked about the 2015 Rugby World Cup and we predicted that the Guardian would achieve page 1 success, whilst the Mail Online would not.

This is because the Guardian develop clear hub pages for each sport and when they develop a new related article, each one links back to the main hub page with keyword rich anchor text. Well, 1 year on our prediction was correct. Here we show you the page 1 SERPS result as of 7th Sept 2015. As you can see the Guardian sit nicely in position 2, just below the main Rugby World Cup website. The Mail Online do not appear on Page 1.

Rugby World Cup Page 1 SERPS - 7th Sept 2015

Rugby World Cup Page 1 SERPS – 7th Sept 2015

When it comes to SEO the Guardian clearly know what they are doing. Whether this is by chance or because they use an Inbound Marketing Agency I can’t say for sure, however what I can confirm is that because they have clear hub pages, this avoids keyword cannibalisation and is therefore rewarded in the SERPS.  Being on Page 1 puts them in a strong position when it comes to online advertising revenue. Below we show you their Rugby World Cup hub page.


Below we depict one of their Rugby World Cup articles and we’ve highlighted where it links back to the main Rugby World Cup hub page using keyword rich anchor text.




The takeaway from this article is that if you publish a website, incorporating hub pages and linking back to them with keyword rich anchor text within related articles will help you achieve much greater Google success for competitive keywords. This is especially useful for not just e-commerce websites but for also hair and beauty salon website designs, builders and construction website designs, and photography website designs.

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