96 out of 100 visitors to your beauty website will not buy on their first visit

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96 out of 100 of visitors who visit your hair and beauty website will not make a purchase on their first visit. That means they won’t become a client and they won’t use your hair or beauty services. You’ve spent all that time and money trying to attract visitors to your website and nearly all of them will not return. Websites are a great way to attract new customers, but what we’ve found is that 99% of hair and beauty websites do not have the appropriate marketing systems in place to turn visitors into leads and customers.

So how can you grow your online hair and beauty business?

The key to growing your hair and beauty business online is to focus on list building. You need to analyse which pages and posts on your website are getting good traffic and then add a customised call to action statement and persuasive landing page on each. For example, if your waxing page is getting good traffic, then add the following:

  • A discount / offer for first time customers (valid for 30 days only) and specific to waxing only
  • 5 great pieces of advice for clients before and after their waxing treatment

The offer needs to be sufficient for a visitor to part with their personal data (email address and name). By having the discount, you will capture details of potential clients who are in the decision making process and perhaps shopping around for the best price on waxing. The advice for clients before and aftercare will help you capture details of potential clients who are not ready to make a purchase but are looking for further information about the service.

Both lists should be segmented so you can easily determine where your visitors sit in the buyers journey and remarket to them in the future. For those visitors who are not ready to purchase, on average you will need to communicate to them 5 times before they commit to a purchase. So don’t be disheartened if you send an email out to them and they do not buy straight away.

For those visitors, who have downloaded the discount, wait 30 days and if they have not yet redeemed their discount, you are now in a position to send a personal email to them. Indicate that you have noticed they have not used the voucher and extend the offer for another 14 days. You could even include available time slots to encourage them to act fast. If your landing page has been really smart, when they provided you their personal data, you should have a drop down option that asks them what time of the day are they most likely to use your services. This will enable you to provide time slots in your follow up email that you know meets their criteria.

For those visitors that have used the discount, now is the time to ask for a review – this will enable you to add more content to your waxing pages and share the word about just how good your waxing treatments are. Of course, you now have a customer and the ability to keep them up to date via email with newsletters and further service discounts and treatments.

The above indicates just how you can grow your business marketing to those interested in waxing treatments, just imagine how your business can grow if you actioned the above in all areas of your website. We know from our clients, that on average you will grow your customer base over the course of a year by about 500 new customers. Why not check out our case study: how a beauty salon attracted 500 new customers in 12-months.

With all emails its good practice to provide the recipient the opportunity to be removed from the marketing list. This will help you keep your list clean and up to date.

What you should do now

If you are serious about having a great website, you should read my blog, it’s packed with ideas and suggestions to help improve your site.

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