Number 1 reason your beauty website is not attracting visitors

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The number 1 reason your beauty website is not attracting visitors is because your website lacks quality content. As a beauty salon you offer probably over 100 various different treatments and services, despite this, your website probably contains no more than 20-30 pages or posts. You are missing out on an enormous amount of search traffic from individuals who are looking for specific beauty treatments, but because your website has not been aligned to coincide with their search queries, they do not reach your site.

Having examined probably the best part of over 1000 hair and beauty websites in recent months, I can categorically state that your website is probably in the 99% that could do so much better. At least 50% of your turnover should be generated from online trade, if this is not the case for your business, keep reading…

“The key to attracting visitors is content, because the more indexed pages, the bigger the keyword blueprint and greater number of visitors and leads your website will attract.”

As a beauty salon you offer such an array of services, so you have a real opportunity to reach out to an audience of potential customers who perhaps would have never heard of your company, without the help of Google.

So how can I improve my website quality?

Begin by taking a good look at the different services and treatments you offer. Each treatment provides a real opportunity to develop its own webpage and in that page you feature the target keywords and phrases that your customers use to find such services. Let me give you an example:

You run a beauty salon in Birmingham and a potential customer opts to perform a query in Google for the following “Best Shellac Manicure in Birmingham“. Do you offer Shellac Manicures and if so, does it have its own page? My guess is not. Because at best you have probably developed a page that targets nail treatments or alike and on that page you list all the various different nail treatments available at your salon. What you should have, is a page or post that solely targets shellac manicures, and in the case of above, you build the phrase ‘Best Shellac Manicure in Birmingham’ into the various different and basic SEO ranking factors. As a company that specialises in Hair and Beauty Salon Website Designs for UK Businesses, the reason we use the phrase best shellac nails Birmingham, is so that page also ranks and reaches out to several other different user queries i.e.: Shellac Manicures Birmingham, Shellac Birmingham etc.

By developing it’s own page, you add to the keyword blueprint across your website, and the bigger the blueprint, the greater number of pages Google will index and the greater number of visitors your website will attract.

You need to undertake this exercise for as many of the different treatments and therapies you offer, but be mindful not to duplicate content, so keep each page as unique as possible. Duplicate content is bad…There’s 21 key points you should consider when creating pages.

You can get your free 21-point SEO checklist for beauty websites here

So now that you understand the need to grow your keyword blueprint, you must now focus on content quality. There is no point simply creating a web page that just tries to sell shellac manicures. Your page needs to maximise the user experience by having high quality images, videos, plus content such as before and aftercare treatments. This kind of content will not only appeal to potential customers, but it will also appeal to those who are researching whether a Shellac Manicure is for them and it will appeal to your existing customers and keep them happy. If you refer to the following page, it talks about the various different stages of the buyers journey.

High quality content will ensure that each visitor perceives you as a high quality provider. Now you have a website that attracts visitors, the next stage is to convert them into leads. I call this lead generation and the development of call-to-action (CTA) and persuasive landing pages. It’s extremely important that these elements are incorporated into your website content, because a staggering 96% of visitors to your beauty website will not buy on their first visit, so you need to capture data that helps you to re-market to them again in the near future.

Even though this particular article relates to the beauty industry, it applies to all industries and sectors. If you like this article, please share.

What you should do now

If you are serious about having a great website, you should read my blog, it’s packed with ideas and suggestions to help improve your site.

If you’d like me to dramatically improve your website and bring you new customers, visit my website designs for small businesses in Birmingham and then contact me for more information.

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